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The UNCW Student Emergency Fund is a donor-supported fund for students facing unexpected financial hardships due to COVID-19.

To date, 329 students have received emergency grants, however, others who have applied for aid are still in need, and funding is depleted. Will you help by making a gift?

While the application for aid is closed, students can review options here.

Students continue to be faced with new and unexpected challenges as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. In true Seahawk spirit, many have stepped up to help.

Many of our students work in the industries that have been paralyzed by this pandemic. Loss of income has created hardships with paying tuition, making rent and putting food on the table along with addressing other basic needs. The UNCW Student Emergency Fund helps students offset unexpected financial challenges and focus on their academic pursuits.

CARES Act Funding, which is federal aid that has been allocated to higher education institutions, is limited and can only go so far. Philanthropy helps to close the gap – making sure Seahawks get the support they need regardless of the circumstances.

If you are in a position to help, your gift to the UNCW Student Emergency Fund will help provide an emergency grant to a student in need. Today, and every day, UNCW is a stronger university because of those who give.

I am very grateful to be a recipient of monies from the emergency fund. I held four part time jobs while being fully enrolled in a graduate program at UNCW. However, every single one of my workplaces were shut down due to COVID-19. The UNCW emergency fund has been my only financial relief in this time when I am unable to work, and for that I am thankful!"
  - Laney '20

Thank you. I am now able to continue to pay my rent on time this month, purchase food and pay other bills while I am unsure of when I will be able to return to work. These funds have allowed me to stay enrolled at UNCW."
  - Anonymous '22

Receiving these funds helps alleviate some stress financially so I can focus on my academics and finish strong. To the donors who have contributed thus far, you have made an impact on me and I feel your support as we all move forward this semester."
  - Stephanie '20

The fund was very helpful for me and my family. Definitely helping us persevere through this crisis we are going through. We are very grateful for the emergency fund! Thank you for all that you do for the university and the families in need!"
  - Steven '21

I am so grateful for the donors who have made it possible for me to provide for my daughter and ensure my degree completion. For me, it was the difference between graduating as a future Registered Nurse next month or delaying my graduation and exploring options to continue next semester. It has also helped me secure enough diapers, wipes, and food to eat for my growing little girl."
  - Anonymous '22

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