Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are my gifts tax deductible?

A: Yes, gifts to UNCW are tax deductible under the applicable sections of the Internal Revenue Service.

Q. How can I make a gift to UNCW?

A. You can make a secure gift online here. For more ways to make a gift, please see Ways to Give.

Q. What does my gift support?

A: You can designate your gift to any area of the university. Find areas to support here, or easily support the university's greatest needs with an online gift to the UNCW Fund.

Q: What are Matching Gifts?

A: Many companies offer a matching gift option that allows you to double or even triple your gift. Please visit our Matching Gifts database to see if your company offers this opportunity.

Q. Why give through UNCW's Annual Giving program?

A: State appropriations, along with student tuition and fees only provide approximately 70% of UNCW's annual budget. Universities like ours, which strive to provide a top-rated academic experience, are expected to raise and earn the funds necessary to support student programs. The annual giving program provides opportunities for you and other donors to support UNCW in meaningful ways that provide the greatest impact. 

The annual giving program does not receive support from your designated gifts, it simply acts as a facilitator to connect you with areas that are important to you and have the greatest need. Due to the program existing on-campus, its initiatives are able to provide valuable, hands-on learning experiences for current UNCW students who are employed as Dubrai$ers or volunteer in student philanthropy groups.

Q. What can unrestricted gifts do for the university?

A: By making an unrestricted gift to the UNCW Fund, you enable the university to use your donation immediately — where it's needed most.

Q. Why do I get a call from UNCW each year?

A: The UNCW Phonathon, whose student employees are called Dubrai$ers, is an integral component of the university's Annual Giving program that provides a hands-on professional experience for our students while securing critical funding for academics, scholarships, research and other university priorities.

Q. What is the Alumni Participation Rate?

A: The alumni participation rate is the percent of UNCW alumni who made a gift to the university within the last fiscal year (July 1 - June 30). This participation rate is one of the factors considered in the U.S. News and World Report statistics and other university rankings.

Q. What is an Endowment and how is it used?

An endowment creates financial stability through the establishment of a permanent fund that is professionally invested and managed. The income generated is used to carry out the endowment's stated purpose, the mutual goals of the donor and university.

UNCW uses endowed funds in two basic ways. Restricted funds are allocated for a specific need and made available for a certain period of time. Unrestricted funds provide an annual income that UNCW can use toward areas of greatest need and opportunity, providing a source of dependable income in support of current programs, as well as new initiatives.

Read more about endowments, or contact us if you are interested in learning more.

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