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Investing in the Vision

Planned Giving Donors Steve Reilly ’89 and Larri Short believe Education and Philanthropy go hand in hand


Steve Reilly and Lari Short

Education is the only way out for people who are born into difficult circumstances or who have any level of ambition,” Short said.

“So education is something we’ve decided we’re willing to commit to supporting.”


That commitment runs deep. The couple plans to donate a third of their estate to UNCW. Reilly and Short, seasoned lawyers who pursued successful careers in Charlotte, NC, Washington, D.C. and Santa Fe, NM, hold degrees from UNCW, UNC-Chapel Hill, Duke University and the University of Michigan, collectively.

Although other universities will also receive support from their estate, UNCW holds a special place in their hearts. Reilly treasures his personal experience at the Cameron School of Business, where he studied business management 18 years after leaving his previous institution without a degree. He considers UNCW to be an exceptional place of learning, especially for non-traditional students like himself.

“I wasn’t confident that I was going to be able to do it,” said Reilly about going back to school. “Yet getting here, and finding the support and encouragement of the entire university, made it easy for me to come forward and become a lawyer and judge. UNCW was the foundation for me to do this.”

In fact, the couple has allocated part of their donation to a scholarship for non-traditional students. Both Short and Reilly went back to school later in their lives, and they want to see more non-traditional students coming through the higher education system. They also plan to fund a professorship in the Cameron School of Business and contribute to the chancellor’s discretionary fund, because they both know how vital both faculty and administrators are to an academic institution’s excellence.

Students in CSB attending WITX Conference

Students in CSB attending WITX Conference

Not only is the couple’s planned donation the largest they intend to give, it is also the largest single planned donation established with UNCW. According to Short and Reilly, planned gifts are easier to develop when the donors work with staff at the university, especially if they want to make the most out of their donation.

Working with the university’s development staff, she and Reilly were able to set up their future gift to fulfill their intentions.

“Through establishing this generous planned gift, Larri and Steve are showing everyone that they believe in UNCW’s vision of excellence and that they are committed to the success of Seahawk students and programs,” said Eddie Stuart, vice chancellor for University Advancement. “They will forever have a strong connection to UNCW. We are so grateful for their support and loyalty.”

For Short and Reilly, the amount of money they plan to contribute is less important than the tangible ways their contribution will enhance students’ lives at UNCW. Reilly remembers his time at the university as immersive and vital for his future successes.

“I participated on campus,” Reilly said. “Participating is a way to understand what life is all about. Getting together with new people shows you how to interact with them. Your job is to get your degree, but that’s not enough. You’ve got to go out and do things and understand that those things are also important.”

Both Reilly and Short know that UNCW is about more than just words in textbooks; it’s also about engaging with a diverse community and discovering your place within that community. For them, and for the students their generosity will support, UNCW is a place that fosters students’ success and lives in their memories long after they have earned their degrees.