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Working as a Team

For more than 20 years, Elwood and Mary Walker have generously given their time, talent and treasure to UNCW’s Cameron School of Business (CSB). Their involvement has enriched their lives and the lives of others.

Elwood and Mary Walker

We’ve been able to work as a team on projects while giving back to the community, which is important. We’re happier, and we’re making a difference.”


The Walkers, who met in 1990 and married two years later, have been involved in various UNCW committees and enjoy taking classes in history, religion, philosophy and marine science.

Elwood retired from Price Waterhouse Consulting and currently holds a seat on the CSB Executive Advisory Board, which supports the growth and development of the CSB’s educational programs. Mary focused most of her career in the travel industry, first working for a large agency in Houston and then managing her own agencies. She and Elwood both serve as mentors for the Cameron Executive Network (CEN), a volunteer network dedicated to enhancing the education and career development of CSB students and alumni.

Elwood and Mary Walker Lecture Hall

The lecture auditorium in Cameron Hall has been rededicated as the Elwood and Mary Walker Lecture Hall.

“It’s an intellectual environment that Mary and I enjoy participating in. It gives us a community of like-minded people that we associate and interact with,” Elwood says. “We have developed friendships that are very important to us.”

The Walkers recently made a significant gift to the university to support their two existing scholarships, the Elwood Walker Fellowship Endowment, and the Mary McDuffie Walker Scholarship, and to create the Elwood and Mary Walker CSB Support Fund.

The Elwood Walker Fellowship Endowment, established in 1994, is a merit scholarship awarded to a student admitted into the Master of Science in Accountancy Program. The Mary McDuffie Walker Scholarship, established in 1998, is a general merit scholarship awarded to a rising junior or senior in the Cameron School of Business. More than 45 Seahawks have been the benefactors of Elwood and Mary’s generosity.

Mary and Elwood Walker with Cameron School of Business Dean, Robert Burrus

A reception to dedicate the lecture hall was held on January 31, 2019.

Elwood, in particular, was inspired to give back to UNCW students because of the assistance he received while pursuing his business degrees. The one thing he asks scholarship recipients to do is help another generation when they are financially able.

In recognition of these gifts and the Walkers’ longstanding commitment to the university, the lecture auditorium in Cameron Hall has been rededicated as the Elwood and Mary Walker Lecture Hall. UNCW is grateful to the Walkers for their leadership and incredible generosity.