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   This scholarship has absolutely changed my life."

For recent graduate Sarah Bischoff ’19, it’s a world of opportunity.

Sarah attributes the opportunities afforded to her to scholarships and other applied learning experiences. Donors inspire students like Sarah to make the most of their college experience.

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Sarah Bischoff

for contributing to our students success

July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2019

11,136 DONORS

made gifts and commitments totaling


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Moe Holmes

   Bringing my dreams to fruition would not be possible without you. For that, I am forever grateful.”

Maurice “Moe” Holmes ’19 is the first Seahawk to be named CAA Men’s Track and Field Athlete of the Year.

An athletic and academic scholarship recipient, Moe’s seven first-place finishes also set a UNCW Track and Field record. One of 3,711 loyal donors in the Clocktower Society More informationThe Clocktower Society honors loyal donors who have supported UNCW for three or more consecutive years., Moe shares with fellow athletes the importance of giving back. He and 80 others gave to the Track and Field Support Fund this year, further enriching opportunities for student-athletes.

Learn how Moe encourages fellow student-athletes to excel




Denise Gonzalez

   I will be an advocate for minority and low-income families, and a voice to provide them affordable and accessible healthcare.”

Denise Gonzalez ’19 is one of more than 2,100 nursing alumni who dedicate themselves to improving the health of communities across N.C. and beyond.

In the Simulation Learning Center, students learn hands-on, practicing advanced skills and responding to real-world scenarios. This state-of-the-art lab also exposes underserved middle school students to new technologies and potential healthcare careers. Annual gifts offset costs for supplies like alcohol prep pads, glucometer test strips, masks and exam gowns.

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Thalian Hall
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Latimer House
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Murchison Building
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Honnet House


Thalian Hall
Latimer House
Murchison Building
Honnet House

   I’ve always been fascinated by older buildings and the stories that go along with them.”

Alina Aviles

Alina Aviles ’19 educates with her artwork that resembles and showcases authentic historical features of Wilmington’s landmarks.

Experiential learning is integral to student success. Alina was able to create this artwork with the support of a Creative-Activity Award, funded in part by annual gifts to the College of Arts and Sciences Excellence Fund.

Learn about Alina’s Applied Learning Experience



Nick Gariepy

   UNCW goes a lot further than just giving us an education and a degree.”

Nick Gariepy ’19 credits his motivation to set high goals and successfully prepare for his career to the opportunities afforded to him during his experience in the Cameron School of Business.

Nick served as president of the Pi Sigma Epsilon professional marketing and sales fraternity, a student group supported by annual donors.

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Our donors share their   Why

David Congdon
Tiffany Tucker

   It has been highly important to my life and career not to be afraid to start at the bottom and work your way up. You’ll be respected for it in years to come.”

David Congdon

David Congdon '78

Wilmington Society, 2018-19 UNCW Society

David and his wife, Helen, committed $10 million, establishing the David S. Congdon School of Supply Chain, Business Analytics and Information Systems. David’s also one of more than 4,164 proud alumni donors who gave back to UNCW this year. More informationUNCW sets ambitious alumni donor goals as part of a commitment to increase the value of your UNCW degree, since U.S. News & World Report ranks alumni satisfaction by the number of alumni donors.

   I am a Seahawk for life, a proud senior donor and future alumni donor. Gifts to UNCW have been the bedrock of my most valuable experiences.”

Nikki Kroushl

Nikki Kroushl '19

Student Donor, Future Alumni Donor

Donors made it possible for Nikki to offset the cost of her tuition, study abroad in Germany and Iceland, and travel to present her research at conferences. To pay it forward, she successfully led a crowdfunding project for Ritmo Latino dance club's four-day workshop, among participating in other fundraising initiatives.

   It’s an intellectual environment that Mary and I enjoy participating in. It gives us a community of like-minded people that we associate and interact with. We have developed friendships that are very important to us.”


Mary and Elwood Walker

Wilmington Society, Clocktower Society, 2018-19 UNCW Society

For more than 20 years, Elwood and Mary Walker have generously given their time, talent and treasure to UNCW’s Cameron School of Business. As recurring members of the UNCW Society, the Walkers gifts provide essential support for UNCW students.More informationThe UNCW Society recognizes the university’s most influential annual donors. Elwood, in particular, was inspired to give back to UNCW students because of the assistance he received while pursuing his business degrees.

   As administrators and coaches, it is our job to educate and graduate quality citizens. To watch and be a part of their development is the best feeling in the world.”

Tiffany Tucker

Tiffany Tucker

2018-19 UNCW Society, Senior Associate Director of Athletics

Tiffany Tucker is one of 730 employee donors who gave to UNCW during this year. Every year, faculty and staff go above and beyond the call of duty to support the campus community.

   When I came to UNCW, I made a mission to get involved with as many things as I could and apply myself to the full extent that I could. It truly made all the difference.”


Micaela Rose Murphy '19

Student Donor, Student Philanthropy Committee

Micaela Rose Murphy ’19, former president of the UNCW Student Ambassadors, recently graduated with a degree in communication studies and was one of 829 student donors this year.More informationStudents collectively contributed nearly $50,000 during the 2018-19 academic year. Her efforts during Give More in 24 helped generate 103 gifts totaling $1,658.55 to support the Student Ambassadors.


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Financial Highlights

July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2019


contributed by 11,136 donors

650+ scholarships awarded valued at more than $2 million in support

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650+ scholarships awarded valued at more than $2 million in support
650+ scholarships awarded valued at more than $2 million in support

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